Lukasz Zaremba Art Gallery Elegant Stand
Art Gallery Elegant Stand is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Art Gallery Elegant Stand

"Party at an art museum" was our idea for this stand, an intimate space where visitors could feel relaxed and inspired. Traditional walls were in this design replaced by black matte laminate fins with chic gray marbling. Placed at geometric angles, the fins provided privacy, while still allowing glimpses at the stand’s sleek interior. Like a natural waterfall, 250 strands of delicate golden chain suspended floor to ceiling created a shimmering, translucent curtain which wrapped around opposing corners of the centerpiece.

Art Gallery Elegant Stand
Lukasz Zaremba Art Gallery
Lukasz Zaremba Elegant Stand
Lukasz Zaremba design
Lukasz Zaremba design
Lukasz Zaremba

Their dream was to establish a company that would be able to create both smart and beautiful but at the same time useful things. A company that would inspire others. They have been successfully working in the trade fair industry for over 13 years and they're are really proud of their achievements.

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What is our understanding of modern trade fairs? Outstanding and unique constructions that attract attention result from well-thought-out design. The exhibitor must respond to the needs of the visitors. Beauty, passion, aesthetic, commitment, qualifications - that’s what design should look like.