Minghui Lyu The Portable Lunch Box
The Portable Lunch Box is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Disposable and Single-Use Product Design Award Category.
The Portable Lunch Box

The catering industry is flourishing, and takeaway has become a necessity for modern people. At the same time, a lot of garbage has also been generated. Many of the meal boxes used to hold food can be recycled, but the plastic bags used to pack the meal boxes are indeed non-recyclable. In order to reduce the use of plastic bags, the functions of the meal box and plastic are combined to design new lunch boxes. The bale box turns the part of itself into a handle that is easy to carry, and can integrate multiple meal boxes, greatly reducing the use of plastic bags for packing meal boxes.

The Portable Lunch Box
Minghui Lyu The Portable
Minghui Lyu Lunch Box
Minghui Lyu design
Minghui Lyu design
Minghui Lyu

She is a student. Her main contributions are learning, researching, and making practical designs. Her understanding of beauty and responsibility of society make she interested in design. She loves observing people's behaviours in daily life which can inspire her in making new invention and design. She always asks whether the benefit created by a product to society greater than the cost of producing the product itself. Such questions are complicate and charming to her.

South China University of Technology

The Department of Design of South China University of Technology is working hard to develop the design major, and strongly encourages students to in-depth design issues and propose constructive design solutions for social issues. SCUT pushes students to cooperate with enterprises to train students' abilities in practical projects, and at the same time injects innovation power into enterprises.