Ana Ramirez Si Me Quiero Web Design and UX
Si Me Quiero Web Design and UX is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Website and Web Design Award Category.
Si Me Quiero Web Design and UX

The "Sí, Me Quiero" website is a space that helps to be oneself. To carry out the project, interviews had to be conducted and the social and cultural context in relation to women had to be explored; her projection in society and with herself. It was concluded that the web would be an accompaniment and would be carried out with an approach of helping to love oneself. In the design it is reflected simplicity with neutral tones using red contrasts to draw attention to certain actions, colors of the brand of the book published by the client. The inspiration came from constructivism art.

Si Me Quiero Web Design and UX
Ana Ramirez Si Me Quiero
Ana Ramirez Web Design and UX
Ana Ramirez design
Ana Ramirez design
Ana Ramirez

Defined as a Designer, she created Little Red studio to help find solutions to customer problems. What characterizes and defines their designs is the global vision, creates designs that put a solution to the root of the problem, not their symptoms. Symptoms are observed to arrive at the problem itself, in this way results are found that meet the objectives and desires of the users. For that, user-centered design and gamification are used, together with innovation and an aesthetic line according to the project.

Little Red studio

Our mission is to design quality and satisfactory brands and designs for all our customers. Our priority is to make the brand perfectly easy and beneficial to adapt perfectly to its aesthetics. Whether it's a new business, a startup, have a new product or just looking for a brand change, our unwavering dedication is to solve all your brand needs. Customer satisfaction, sustainability and reliability are some of our fundamental pillars. We guarantee that our designs are unique and will continually stimulate your business with exceptional designs. We believe in creativity and coherence and continually use cutting-edge methods, concepts or beliefs throughout the brand creation process. We use gamification in projects to achieve greater impact and loyalty.