Chen Fengfeng,Jiang Baoyi We Retail Space
We Retail Space is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
We Retail Space

To demonstrate the product and guide the customer experience, designers transformed the window elements into a grid design and closed the view in the narrow space, and combined orange to create a visual impact. This led the client to abandon other ideas and indulge in a series of live display reverie. The uniform layout of multi-grid, white for the open grid, orange for the closed grid, flexible spatial distribution greatly improve the use of functional applications.

We Retail Space
Chen Fengfeng,Jiang Baoyi We
Chen Fengfeng,Jiang Baoyi Retail Space
Chen Fengfeng,Jiang Baoyi design
Chen Fengfeng,Jiang Baoyi design
Chen Fengfeng,Jiang Baoyi

Committed to researching the application and innovation in architectural space, expressing design concepts with personalized and unique visual language, and interpreting multiculturalism with brand-new visual communication. Pursue the "contemporary", "cultural" and "artistic" of the design to dissolve and coexist, and use this as a design language for spatial expression.

We Jewelry

WE Jewelry, a designer Jewelry brand that focuses on fashionable lifestyle, provides daily Jewelry lifestyle for more personalized consumers, with more acute and diversified styles of fashionable light luxury Jewelry, allowing women to show delicate aesthetic taste in addition to makeup and clothing, and more in line with independent and feminine fashion culture.