Emanuele Grittini Ai Academy Branding
Ai Academy Branding is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Ai Academy Branding

Ai Academy logotype draws on a mood inspired by the classic fonts used in programs dedicated to the code, the so-called monospaced. Regarding for the solution adopted on backgrounds, the project, takes its inspiration from the concept of "multidisciplinarity of artificial intelligence" in relation to a fluid and characterizing state without a necessary reference to technology. The interaction between the logo and the backgrounds creates a geometric contrast that always places the logo clearly and visible, in addition, the brand has a strong recognition for the use of bold and fresh colors.

Ai Academy Branding
Emanuele Grittini Ai Academy
Emanuele Grittini Branding
Emanuele Grittini design
Emanuele Grittini design
Ai Academy

AI Academy was funded to bring the AI mindset of the greatest Silicon Valley tech companies to every organization. Our experience in tech startups taught us that the chasm to cross to become an AI company is not in the technology, but rather in the awareness and mindset. We're here to challenge this and bring AI to every company. ​​​​​​​