Mark Boey The Mysterious Pearl 3D Theme Park Ride
The Mysterious Pearl 3D Theme Park Ride is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
The Mysterious Pearl 3D Theme Park Ride

Guests are transported into a state of the art 4D animation that, along with surprising sensory elements, propels them into the ultimate 'Mermaid ride' experience. The experience becomes even more immersive with the creation of a uniquely designed ride, each equipped with seven different special effects that repeat numerous times in tandem with the 3D animation, including vertical drops and horizontal motions!

The Mysterious Pearl 3D Theme Park Ride
Mark Boey The Mysterious Pearl
Mark Boey 3D Theme Park Ride
Mark Boey design
Mark Boey design
Mark Boey

Mark is an acclaimed Creative Director, who, throughout his 20 years in design, film, and broadcast work, has led numerous prestigious teams throughout R&D development, concepts, and directing. Mark’s creative expertise and innovative drive to push design boundaries have earned him a plethora of local and international recognition, from winning local Australian AIMIA awards through to multiple international Promax awards. With a client base spanning across four continents and including over 30 brands, Mark holds invaluable experience leading massive multi-million dollar projects.

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park is a world-class flagship park and the pinnacle among all the ocean-themed parks built over the past two decades in China, with its top international standards achieved in thematic features, project quality, park scale, and construction level.