Igor Dydykin Stool Glavy Roda Chair
Stool Glavy Roda Chair is Silver Design Award winner in 2020 - 2021 Furniture Design Award Category.
Stool Glavy Roda Chair

Stool Glavy Roda embodies the qualities inherent to the Head of the Family: integrity, organization and self-discipline. Right angles, circle and a rectangle shapes in combination with ornament elements support the connection of the past and the present, making the chair as timeless object. The chair is made of wood with the use of eco-friendly coatings and can be painted in any desired color. Stool Glavy Roda will naturally fit into any interior of an office, hotel or private home.

Stool Glavy Roda Chair
Igor Dydykin Stool Glavy Roda
Igor Dydykin Chair
Igor Dydykin design
Igor Dydykin design
Igor Dydykin

DYDYKIN is a design and innovation firm headed by Igor Dydykin. Our design is about creating a deeper connection between people, the environment and the things we own. Our job is to find the most effective, convenient and beautiful way to solve the problem. We approach design in a holistic manner, focusing on strategy, brand, product design, user experience and social impact to integrate all aspects of interaction.


DYDYKIN Studio creates product design. We conduct research, draw concepts, create models and test prototypes so that the design remains relevant longer. Each project goes through 4 stages, which allows to follow the logic of product development, make changes and see the result before preparing for production.