Furniture Design Award Winners 2023
Furniture Design Award 2023 Winners, World's best furniture designs, household furniture, houseware, furniture accessories, armchairs, cabinets, chairs, coffee tables, sofas, tables and wardrobes as well as their marketing and communication in 2023 Nominate your Furniture Design now.
Furniture Design Award 2023 Winners

A' Design Awards is pleased to announce the esteemed winners of the A' Furniture Design Award 2023.

Eureka Lounge Chair
Winner Work : Eureka Lounge Chair
Brace Lounge Chair
Winner Work : Brace Lounge Chair
Wall A2 TV Stand
Winner Work : Wall A2 TV Stand
Wave Armchair
Winner Work : Wave Armchair
Stoniture Sofa
Winner Work : Stoniture Sofa
Grace Lounge Chair
Winner Work : Grace Lounge Chair
Spark Sofa
Winner Work : Spark Sofa
Liyue New Furniture
Winner Work : Liyue New Furniture
Water Ripples Chair
Winner Work : Water Ripples Chair
Flip Chair
Winner Work : Flip Chair
Petra Dining Table
Winner Work : Petra Dining Table
Seven Wind Chime
Winner Work : Seven Wind Chime
Cocoda Chair
Winner Work : Cocoda Chair

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Award for Furniture Design

The A' Furniture Design Award is open to entries by Furniture Designers, Product Designers, Industrial Design Studios and Furniture Manufacturers worldwide. Enter your work today to highlight Furniture Excellence.