A' Design Award Winners & Rankings
A' Design Award and Competition winners are selected via blind peer-review process where a grand jury panel of academics, press members, designers and entrepreneurs vote thousands of entries on predetermined evaluation crietia.
Most Recent Winners

A' Design Award and Competition is pleased to announce winners of the latest design competition edition. View the latest edition results announcement press release or check the full list of design award winners this year.

Award-winning Designs

Enjoy the World’s finest artworks, best architecture, greatest innovations, leading technological achievements and most excellent designs at the A' Design Award's all-top design award winners gallery at awarded designs showcase. Get great design inspiration and enjoy the best of the best designs from across the universe.

Award-winning Designers

Superheroes of our modern times, enjoy the A' Design Award's showcase of the greatest designers, artists, architects, brands, innovators and design teams at awarded designers website. A' Design Award & Competition winner designers bring you the exceptional products, projects and services that improve the world around you and make the World a better place for all.

World Design Rankings

World Design Rankings ranks all countries based on the number and level of A' Design Awards won by each country. World Design Ranking system follows Olympic type classification system where countries are sorted by the number of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron awards consecutively.

Designer Rankings

Designer Rankings platform sorts award winning designers by the number of design awards won by each designer. See the World’s most competitive, most award-winning designers and view their profiles to discover great design works from across the globe.

Popular Designers

Popular Designers platform sorts award winning designers by designers’ popularity, based on the number of people who viewed their profile. See the World’s most popular, most award-winning designers and view their profiles to discover excellent design works from across the globe.

Design Award Classifications

Design Award Classifications platform is your resource of choice if you would like to learn who is the number one designer in the World in any given design field. Enjoy the list of top designers, artists, architects and brands for distinct design disciplines and industries.