Viktor Palnychenko Designer Profile
Viktor Palnychenko is the award-winning designer of the Collection Faceted Furniture.
Viktor Palnychenko

The story began a year ago in Tirol, the heart of Austrian Alps. Unique landscapes, devine nature, authentic architecture and woodcraft based on traditions became a powerful impact to bring traditional materials in fresh design. The studio came up with the ambition to combine traditional approach, optimised processing, local materials and contemporary design in elegant furniture products. Spruce has a long history and culture of woodcraft in Tirol. Unique features of local wood - spruce - allow creating volumetric details with relatively low weight to achieve the required stability and durability. In this sense our studio takes a look at the traditional local wood from a modern angel in order to bring it out in an innovative design. The processing integrates traditions, eco-friendly modern technologies, skills, experience of local masters.

Collection Faceted Furniture