Marco Filippo Batavia Designer Profile
Marco Filippo Batavia is the award-winning designer of the Project Nebula Miniaturized Map Technology Device.
Marco Filippo Batavia

Filippo Batavia is a Designer and Researcher in the field of Materials Science. He leads design at both creative and technical levels, exploring the intersections of various disciplines, from computational design to advanced fabrication processes. Filippo has a keen interest in experimenting with workflows and tools in unconventional contexts, seeking innovative strategies for product design. Her recent work has focused on leveraging procedural design and coding in product development to emulate natural solutions for improved performance and sustainability. Currently, Filippo leads the design innovation lab of SAES Getters, an advanced materials company based in Milan. SAES innovates and develops advanced materials for extreme application sectors, including particle accelerators, quantum computers, and aerospace.

Marco Filippo Batavia
Project Nebula Miniaturized Map Technology Device