Nikola Eftimov Designer Profile
Nikola Eftimov is the award-winning designer of the Buky Illustration.
Nikola Eftimov

The multi-decade experience includes work as a designer in the fashion industry, design studio, design platforms and international services for fashion predictions in the country and abroad, graphic designer in advertising companies and marketing departments of companies, visual artist, costume designer of theatrical performances, musical-theatre performances, ballet performances, etc., manages his own fashion design company and fashion store and regularly presents fashion collections, works as a lecturer and academic manager Accademia Italiana Skopje, visiting professor at the Faculty of Art and Design at the First Private University - European University - Republic of Macedonia (EURM) in Skopje, the Faculty of Multimedia and Design at the American University of Europe - FON in Skopje, 2017-2018 and participates in many educational programs from non-formal education in cooperation with state and private institutions in the field of culture and higher education institutions. He also engaged in teaching activities abroad. He has been engaged as a lecturer at Chanapatana International Design Institute-Accademia Italiana in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand and visiting professor at Accademia Italiana Thailand in Bangkok.

Nikola Eftimov
Buky Illustration