Anze Sekelj Designer Profile
Anze Sekelj is the award-winning designer of the HEX Cor Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer.
Anze Sekelj

HEX HAUS is a collaborative project by media artists Anže Sekelj and Staš Vrenko. HEX instruments stem from authors’ concepts and experiences in developing artistic tools and multimedia installations, aiming at creating didactic, affordable, portable and intuitive electronic devices that cross the boundaries of music-making, play and education. The goal is to introduce audiences of various ages and backgrounds to contemporary electronic music and its underlying technologies through workshops and do-it-yourself (DIY) techniques. Components comprising the devices are 100% replaceable, prioritising the right to repair, ease of assembly and sustainable long-term use. Instruments’ unique designs are crafted by balancing intuitively accessible features for beginners with complex functions, appealing to professional users as well.

HEX Cor Digital Polyphonic Synthesizer