Rix Yap Designer Profile
Rix Yap is the award-winning designer of the Eco-Luminance Oasis Retails Shop.
Rix Yap

He is a visionary designer with a passion for creating unique and groundbreaking concepts that defy convention. His mission is to challenge the status quo and introduce fresh perspectives to society's aesthetic landscape. Rejecting the idea of uniformity, he strives to break away from the mainstream trends that often lead to homogeneity in design. Despite encountering numerous setbacks and rejections, he remains steadfast in his commitment to innovation. His determination is exemplified by his latest accomplishment: the establishment of a cutting-edge lighting showroom. In this venture, he has tirelessly pursued the integration of diverse and imaginative ideas, even when faced with opposition. Remarkably, he has successfully retained a significant portion of his original concepts, demonstrating his resilience and unwavering dedication to his craft. His ambition is not just to create visually striking designs, but to effect meaningful change in society's perception of design. By continually exploring new materials, shapes, and forms, he seeks to unveil creations that are truly unprecedented and captivating. His work is a testament to his unconventional approach and his relentless pursuit of innovation.

Rix Yap
Eco-Luminance Oasis Retails Shop