Young Jae You Designer Profile
Young Jae You is the award-winning designer of the Pottery Art Gallery Mixed Use Architecture.
Young Jae You

I am CEO, Chief Architect of Shin Han Nam Architects & Engineers. Shin Han Nam Architects & Engineers is an architectural design firm that has specialized in systematizing the most economical and optimized methods of selecting materials for a wide range of architectural projects, including plants, educational facilities, hospital facilities, and residential buildings, over the past 24 years. With our extensive experience, we have been able to participate in overseas projects not only in South Korea but also in countries such as the United States, China, Cuba, Iraq, and Bangladesh. Through our 10 years of experience in overseas projects, we have come to understand the challenges that small and medium-sized enterprises face when venturing into international construction projects. These challenges include the difficulties of establishing local networks and managing personnel, as well as dealing with variations between planning and construction drawings. Leveraging our expertise, we are well-equipped to accurately identify the needs of both small and large companies in South Korea looking to expand into international construction projects. At Shin Han Nam Architects & Engineers, our team is led by specialized architects with a strong focus on design, supported by dedicated coordinators to ensure project security. Our unique network of personnel sets us apart, enabling us to promise the best results not only for domestic projects but also for international projects. Shin Han Nam Architects & Engineers is a brand known for delivering excellence in architectural design.

Pottery Art Gallery Mixed Use Architecture