Emilia Durka-Zielińska and Walenty Durka Designer Profile
Emilia Durka-Zielińska and Walenty Durka is the award-winning designer of the The Da House Private Residential.
Emilia Durka-Zielińska and Walenty Durka

As a married couple of architects, Emilia and Walenty together create the DOM ARCHITEKÓW brand. In 2007, they started their business by building their own, pioneering wooden house with a studio. In 2011, they received the PLGBC Green Building Award for the best ecological project. It was a testing ground for testing the assumptions used in wooden construction technology and the zero energy consumption standard. Since 2007, they have specialized in designing wooden ecological buildings and buildings with the highest energy standards. Their portfolio includes both single-family houses and commercial facilities. In 2012, as designers and main contractors, they completed the first ecological and wooden house in their own, innovative modular system. In 2014, they built their own production of ecological houses. This is where their ecological modular houses are made. To manage the client's project "from design to key", they created the DA HOUSES collection. They developed an innovative JUST IN TIME house construction project and an original construction of a SOLID WOOD MODULE using solid wood in prefabricated house technology. The DA team creates/builds modular, ecological buildings tailored to our times. DA houses are open to nature and shape the lifestyle of their residents so that they live in harmony with nature. DA houses are mobile also with foundations. Their modular technology gives an extraordinary sense of security. It is a contemporary structure made of solid wood combined with the elimination of harmful building materials. Their education, pioneering experience and know-how, as well as the use of their own wooden house with zero energy consumption, allow them to design at the highest level, both in the design of the project and its implementation. In 2011, they were among the best Polish architectural studios. In the 2022 they have 1st place in the DSM AWARDS, category environmental for the design - DA HOUSE no2.

Emilia Durka-Zielińska and Walenty Durka
The Da House Private Residential