Nimrod Shani Designer Profile
Nimrod Shani is the award-winning designer of the Leika Metal Trestles.
Nimrod Shani

My name is Nimrod Shani, and I'm 33 years old. Currently, I'm a student studying industrial design, even though I'm a bit older than my classmates. Before this, I had a background in civil engineering and completed a master's degree in management and innovation. However, my true passion lies in design, which led me to leave my stable profession and pursue industrial design wholeheartedly. Design consumes my thoughts—I'm constantly thinking, dreaming, and breathing it. What makes me unique is my ability to blend civil engineering, innovation, and industrial design together. This perspective allows me to approach design as both a designer and an engineer, giving me a deep understanding of materials and breaking down limitations. I love what I do, and my diverse background empowers me to explore design from multiple angles. It's a fusion of creativity and technical knowledge that guides my journey in this field.

Leika Metal Trestles