Desislava Sredkova Designer Profile
Desislava Sredkova is the award-winning designer of the Acorn Light System Lamps.
Desislava Sredkova

Awblak is an independent design studio founded by Desislava Sredkova in Sofia, Bulgaria. The name 'Awblak' is derived from the Bulgarian word for 'cloud, representing the ever-changing and transformative nature of design. Sredkova believes that design should inspire and shape human dreams and visions, much like clouds have done for millennia. Sredkova holds a Master of Interior Design from NABA Milano and has over 15 years of experience in freelance and corporate design work. Her portfolio includes logo design, product design, and interiors for public and private spaces. What sets Awblak apart is Sredkova's rare approach of implementing graphic designers' attention to detail in large-scale products and spaces. At Awblak, Sredkova strives to design coherent experiences across different media and even across physical and meta worlds. She achieves this through her deep knowledge and strong interest in innovation and technology.

Desislava Sredkova
Acorn Light System Lamps