Artur Tikhonenko Designer Profile
Artur Tikhonenko is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Artur Tikhonenko

 Artur Tikhonenko was born in Belarus. He has an outstanding artistic talent since he was a child. He has a strong interest in painting and handmade. He was even more keen on street art, graffiti creation when he was a teenager. The unfettered creative experience provided him with the direction and accumulation for his professional art path. Artur entered the design faculty of Belarusian State University, systematically learned 3D modeling, sculpture and plaster casting, and did a lot of research on origami art, especially the Japanese origami flower ball kusudama. Artur was also abscessed with the modular origami system - building shapes with more or less modules. This also laid the foundation for him to create TRIDO.

Trido Magnetic Art Building Blocks
Trido Magnetic Building Blocks