Stack Glyphs Designer Profile
Stack Glyphs is the award-winning designer of the Stacked Glyphs Characters Typography.
Stack Glyphs

Yi-Hsuan Lai is an excellent student in the field of design who, along with Te-Yang Tang, is dedicated to exploring and developing Chinese character design. They have participated in international design competitions multiple times and have achieved excellent results and honors. In addition to their personal achievements, Yi-Hsuan Lai and Te-Yang Tang are also enthusiastic about contributing to society and actively participate in related social contribution activities to promote and develop the design and application of Chinese characters. They are highly concerned about the design issues of Chinese characters and are committed to improving the quality and level of Chinese character design, as well as promoting the inheritance and development of Chinese character culture. These characteristics make Yi-Hsuan Lai and Te-Yang Tang very interesting and valuable in the field of design.

Stacked Glyphs Characters Typography