Jurica Huljev Designer Profile
Jurica Huljev is the award-winning designer of the One618 Omnee Wireless Speaker.
Jurica Huljev

Synthesis is a forward-thinking boutique architecture and design studio that specializes in production. Our interdisciplinary approach seamlessly integrates architectural and design theory into every project. We thrive on challenges, excelling at bespoke tasks with our experience, talent, and cutting-edge technology, crafting each endeavor with passion and precision to bring clients' visions to life. We prioritize personalized design solutions, offering exclusive treatment to every client regardless of scale. Our client-specific process, driven by deep knowledge and adaptability, enables us to explore new tools and materials for unique outcomes. From conception to realization, we excel across various areas, delivering top-of-the-line elements that prioritize innovation and quality. Our philosophy centers on designing for people, addressing their material and spiritual needs while considering cultural and environmental contexts. With ONE.618, our new luxury audio brand, we leverage expertise and technology to create unparalleled audio experiences, enhancing our dedication to innovation and quality, and enriching the lives of our clients through the power of sound.

One618 Omnee Wireless Speaker