ODE Designer Profile
ODE is the award-winning designer of the Takeen Omakase Bar.

The Office for Design Evolution (ODE) was founded by Dr. Kody Kato in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company name refers to an evolutionary design process, which combines architecture, material studies, engineering, nature and the environment, in unconventional ways to enhance the way we live, work and experience space. Dr. Kato received a Doctor of Architecture degree in Performance oriented design with a focus in structural engineering and mathematical biology. He has over 15 years of international experience. While completing his dissertation, he studied and worked under the direction of Dr. Ken Yeang in Kuala Lumpur and Byoungsoo Cho in Seoul where he applied his integrated research in architecture, engineering and mathematical biology to international projects of various scales. Through these theoretical and practical experiences, he developed his own Performance oriented design process to create relationships between people, material, buildings, nature and the environment.

Takeen Omakase Bar