Priyam Doshi Designer Profile
Priyam Doshi is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Priyam Doshi

.Priyam is a designer and founder of Name Place Animal Thing, a design studio that specialises in Furniture, Lights & D├ęcor. Priyam loves to explore materials and infuses quirkiness & joy into the world of design. His passion lies in creating designs which are playful and intriguing - Products which spark joy through design! He has a career spanning over 12 years across diverse disciplines like furniture design, light design, spatial design and ecommerce. Priyam has an impressive track record of developing over thousand SKUs while working at different organisations and over hundred unique pieces since founding Name Place Animal Thing three years ago. He was awarded the prestigious EDIDA award in 2018 by Elle Decor for his bedroom collection design. Priyam has studied production engineering from Mumbai University & has pursued a specialisation in lifestyle product design from National Institute of Design (NID). With a solid foundation in both manufacturing and small-scale artisanal techniques, he possesses the unique ability to create bespoke statement pieces alongside affordable, batch-produced designs.

Priyam Doshi
Caterpillar Bar Unit
Moose Multifunctional Cabinet
Mushroom Floor Lamps