Chang Ming Hu Designer Profile
Chang Ming Hu is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Chang Ming Hu

AJA Architects Associates was founded in 2014 in Taichung by Mr. Hu, Chun-Ming. Based on the architectural background, the space design is conceived. Through the plane configuration, material, and soft decoration definition, the possibility of extending multiple aspects in the limited space is extended. He has profound experience and footprints across Taiwan, Shanghai, and South East Asia. The portfolio covers types for medical, housing, business, and office purpose. The core spirit is to break away from the framework of style, and pay attention to the needs of the owners, through the professional integration of architecture, interior, landscape, home decoration and other multiple interfaces, with continuous innovation and a rigorous attitude to design and technology, so that the aesthetics and function complement each other, to provide quality and innovative space design.

Setoff Commericial Space
Meat Festival Restaurant