Pavit Gujral Designer Profile
Pavit Gujral is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Pavit Gujral

Bespoke, Bold, Inspired and Opulent. Pavit Gujral is an award winning Jewelry Designer & a Gemologist who aims at being the ‘Pop-star’ of the Fine Jewelry industry. Pavit graduated from the renowned Gemological Institute of America, New York in 2015. She has won many awards in the US (the prestigious Saul Bell Design Awards) and India (IJ Jeweller’s Choice Design Awards) for her designs and aspires to continue this trend. Her designs were also chosen to be featured amongst the ‘The Contemporary Jewel as never seen before’ by Artistar Jewels, Milan for the Milan Jewelry Week.  She is a perfectionist and all her pieces are curated with utmost attention to detail. She takes inspiration from nature, architecture and her travels and is also a certified scuba diver. Her goal is to not only design one of a kind, trendsetting jewelry, but also to educate people about various gemstones.  Pavit Gujral aims to create pieces that are extravagant, handcrafted with passion and creativity, and made using the best grade of gemstones. Each piece tells a story, leaves a legacy, and sets trends creating a new wave of innovative concepts in the jewelry design industry.   “I don’t follow the trend. Each of my designs are inspired & trendsetting! “  - Pavit Gujral 

Pavit Gujral
Starfish Collection Fine Jewelry
Tuscany Earrings Fine Jewelry