Keiichiro Yanagi Designer Profile
Keiichiro Yanagi is the award-winning designer of the Ancora Brand Identity.
Keiichiro Yanagi

Harajuku DESIGN Inc. is a branding company based in Harajuku, Tokyo. We view branding as a way to increase the value of the company or product and create an unwavering bond with our customers that goes beyond business. While creating new visions and identifying the challenges facing companies, we intergrate all fields of PR, ad-tech and creative throughout our work with a neutral perspective, in order to link vision and communication properly, which is the key to a successful branding. Based on this vision, we provide a full range of services from brand consulting to marketing strategy planning, creative direction, and production. In addition to CI/VI development, graphic design, package design, video production, web production and storefront design, we also provide total direction from the planning and development of the product or service itself to the promotion and PR, which are essential for the brand penetration and establishment.

Ancora  Brand Identity