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GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
GuangZhou New-Design Biotechnology Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Newdesy Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a professional design organization dedicated to personal care, beauty and health, and medical and health care equipment. Emphasizing function and rational logic is the design rule we follow. With the attitude of keeping the product extremely easy to use, we always start from the real needs of users and create differentiated design solutions that are valuable and understand users. With product design as the core, we provide four innovative service modules covering product strategy and design, product structure design, product landing and supply chain, and product packaging design. The current team has won more than 20 international design awards such as the German Red Dot Award/Taiwan Golden Dot Award/Korea GOODDESIGN/Korea K-DESIGN/China Design Intelligence Award/Contemporary Good Design/China CMF Design Award, and a complete design and development team This enables us to provide customers with full-process services from design to mass production.

Ludwig Katrin Neck Fixer
Rhinitis Aid Light Therapy Apparatus
Shoulder Massager Therapy Apparatus