Jennifer Junek Designer Profile
Jennifer Junek is the award-winning designer of the Innature House.
Jennifer Junek

Interior architect Jennifer Junek is an artist who for many years has been inspired by the comfort of the human being, especially the ambitious and challenging woman, with whom she identifies. Throughout her career, she has included important aspects of technology in architecture, but above all she has included the care of our natural environment. Thus Jennifer Junek's entire oeuvre respects and preserves nature's ecosystem. This is demonstrated in the materials she uses, in the suppliers she uses for the construction of her works and in the professional practices of the people who work with her. The environment and nature are part of its daily life. Having been awarded the title of Zuma Cum Laude during her training inspired Jennifer Junek to be a professional committed to the advancement of sustainable architecture in her country. Thus, Jennifer Junek promotes the work in all the interior architecture works she designs for private or probono clients.

Innature House