Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli Designer Profile
Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli is the award-winning designer of the Jaipur Furniture Collection.
Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli

Co- founders and Principal Designers at Within, Sonal Tuli and Manoj Tuli explores their creativity at a multidisciplinary level, their work ranging from interior architecture and design, furniture, art, lighting, carpet and graphic design. Spiritual minds with relentless passion for design, they bring love, joy, edge and an unusual bravura in everything they put their hands on. Lovers of nature and poetry, and India, they describes their work as poems and stories woven through their experiences. Their great respect for Indian craft has emerged in the form of extraordinary collectibles, that are contemporized, while using the age old artisanal skills extensively. The intention is to create world class modern design objects, while reviving the rich traditions of our country : to bring about a shift in the way India and the world perceives Indian design, ingenuity and artisanal craft and quality.

Sonal Tuli And Manoj Tuli
Jaipur Furniture Collection