Eugenio Bini Designer Profile
Eugenio Bini is the award-winning designer of the Nova App.
Eugenio Bini

Eugenio Bini is a multi-faceted architect and engineer, known for his diverse skill set and visionary approach in various design fields. His journey exemplifies a blend of technical proficiency, creative innovation and deep understanding of design and visual principles. Graduating with honors in Engineering and Architecture from the University of Perugia with the experimental thesis “Perspectives of Urban Regeneration: Public Space and Traffic Calming Strategies” in 2014 and awarded as the best graduate student of the year, he qualified both as Architect and Engineer. After graduating, he joined the International Workshop “Lisbon Expo, towards Urban Mending” within the Master “Remaking Landscapes” program at UPC – Lisbon, where he learned from some of the most renowned architects like Gonçalo Byrne and Alvaro Siza. He has collaborated with a number of Italian and International architectural practices, including Carlo Ratti Associati where he contributed to high-profile designs like the Masterplan for Mutti Headquarters, a design-concept for Poste Italiane and Real Rio, an interactive installation for the 2016 Olympic Games sponsored by Cisco System. Lifelong learner, always interested in new challenges and opportunities he has also focused on product design and auto-production. His project “Figaro” an hi-tech coffee table, garnered widespread exhibition and critical acclaim. He developed “Enel Box”, an innovative concept that will revolutionize the design of secondary substations on the next years by reducing their carbon footprint with a circular approach, maximizing the capacity to hold advanced digitalization technology and facilitating its ability to blend harmoniously into various settings whether they are urban, rural, modern or historical. As art director he supports companies to define identities and strategies of communication, covering different design areas including branding, advertising, packaging, UI/UX. His ability to cater to diverse needs and adapt to different economic contexts has earned him significant trust and respect by national and international companies such as Altromercato, Chicco, Clementoni, Enel, Inter, Mercedes Benz, Migross, Mutti, Municipality of Perugia and Alcamo, Pharmathek, Todis and SPAL, among others. His work has been also recognized with many awards and commendations. Besides his professional achievements, he is dedicated to teaching and research, contributing to the fields of communication, design, visual arts and urban planning.

Eugenio Bini
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