Kaohsiung City Government Designer Profile
Kaohsiung City Government is the award-winning designer of the Maritime Glow Exhibition Events.
Kaohsiung City Government

Did you see a whale loitering in the ocean? Or did you see Taiwan surrounded by warm waves? Taiwan is called "Kun Island", which means "Island of Whales" In ancient mythology, "Kun" refers to a large fish in the sea If you take a boat and look at Taiwan from afar Like a giant whale swimming in the sea During the Dutch period, Taiwan also had an ancient name called "Hai Weng Cave". Ashore by boat The waves on the coast reflect the island so beautifully And this island called "Taiwan" Carrying the joys, sorrows, joys, joys, and sorrows of hundreds of years Therefore, it is said that if you can see a colorful whale The whole year ahead will be full of happiness! Today, the Taiwan Lantern Festival returns to Kaohsiung Twenty years away, I want you to see a different color of light Looking forward to leaving wonderful lights and shadows for this city and the Taiwan Lantern Festival The innovative concept of "Maritime Glow" was born~ "Maritime Glow" takes you back to look at a century-old Taiwan through the virtual and real light and shadow "Maritime Glow" breaks the traditional stereotyped space, looking forward to the future in the sea, on land, and in the sky Transmission through the first wave of key vision Let you feel the magnificent lantern show like the sea

Maritime Glow Exhibition Events