Kaohsiung City Government Designer Profile
Kaohsiung City Government is the award-winning designer of the Light Up the Love River Bay Art Exterior Lighting.
Kaohsiung City Government

Since the Executive Yuan approved the plan in 2009, the Ministry of Culture commissioned the Kaohsiung City Government to plan, design, build, and operate the "Kaohsiung Pop Music Center" in a new form of "administrative legal person". Create a core venue for popular music performances in southern Taiwan, cultivate domestic pop music talents, and support the industry. In addition to music performances, it also combines the scenery of the harbor to create a new place for sightseeing and rest. Because the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center needs to be professionally operated, the operation must conform to the characteristics and flexibility of the market, and the degree of exercise of public power is low, but it also shoulders public tasks. After the implementation of the public affairs that were originally in charge of the government organization, it is generally considered that it is not suitable for the government organization to continue. the operation, but the public aspect involved is not suitable for consortia, that is, the best operation consideration is to operate as an administrative legal person.

Light Up the Love River Bay Art Exterior Lighting