Kaohsiung City Government Designer Profile
Kaohsiung City Government is the award-winning designer of the Thousand Armed Lightsaber Artificial Intelligence.
Kaohsiung City Government

Conflict is a beautiful force in the place of Pier-2. The old warehouse, which has been dusted by history, has condensed various signs of development over time. Because the voice of art and culture is liberated, it is reborn and grows stronger day by day with the continuous injection of creative inspiration. In the conflict between the old and the new, what comes out of the collision is vigorous vitality. Located next to the wharf in the Warehouse Group Art Special Zone, vehicles and ships come and go. Not only the crowd but also the sea breeze join in the fun. The open view of the sea and sky is like boundless thoughts. In the conflict at the junction of sea and land, what is wide is the dazzling future. Although the public sector in charge of operation management and the unconstrained artists embrace their dreams, they coordinate with each other in this field, correct their direction, and move towards a common ideal together. In the conflict between administration and art, they become close partners and build the image of PIERER in everyone's heart. The power of beauty needs time and effort to accumulate. In 2000, the Double Ten fireworks were not limited to Taipei for the first time and decided to go south to Kaohsiung to bloom. To find a suitable place to set off fireworks, people discovered the existence of the No. 2 Warehouse next to the port. The Pier-2 Art Development Association was established to promote the Pier-2 Art Special Zone as a base for the development of humanities and arts in the south. In 2006, the Cultural Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government took over the Pier-2 Art Special Zone. Kaohsiung Design Festival, Heroes Play Byte, Steel Sculpture Art Festival, Container Art Festival, Kaohsiung People Come Big Dolls, Live Warehouse Pier-2 Music Concert, each full of an exhibition of the city's creative characteristics, the energetic Pier-2 constantly presents new concepts and looks, and builds the charming culture and life aesthetics of the harbor city. Accumulation and brewing will burst out in due course. No matter in the past or now, the Pier-2 Art Center is an indispensable warehouse group for Kaohsiung people. In the past, fishmeal and sugar were stored and supplied for the prosperous years of the port. Now, design and creative energy are gathered to enrich every soul with a free imagination. In the past, the West Port Line railway used to carry goods by the port is now the most popular waterfront light rail in Kaohsiung, running through the Pier-2 Art Zone, and the warehouses of Pier-2 break away from the rigidity of use, connect with the world through art and culture, and open a new generation dialogue. The special environment and location are unique among the art and cultural fields in Taiwan. Pier 2 is a very distinctive art and cultural space, and it is also the best leisure place for the public. You can enjoy the sea view of the West Port Line by riding a bicycle. Surprising works of art can be found in the public space, reflecting the blue sky and bright sun, and there are excellent scenes for taking pictures everywhere. With special performances carefully launched in different seasons, every visit to the public can have different surprises!

Thousand Armed Lightsaber Artificial Intelligence