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Hangzhou Buddy Buzzy Co., Ltd. is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Hangzhou Buddy Buzzy Co., Ltd.

BUDDYBUZZY is a technology brand that understands mothers. Founded in 2019, affiliated to Hangzhou Buddy Buzzy Co., Ltd., it is a global technology company integrating design, research and development, manufacturing and sales, mainly engaged in maternal and infant travel products. The brand focuses on product innovation, pays attention to original design, starts from self-developed car seats, explores the future of children's travel and growth scenarios, and brings a safe and happy parenting experience for mothers around the world. We always maintain the brand tone of authenticity, reliability, comfort and intelligence, and are committed to creating great and ultimate reassuring products, providing comfortable and intimate services, and creating a safe and happy future way of parenting.

Exploration 2 Pro Safety Seats
Magic Growth Chair