Beichen Guan Designer Profile
Beichen Guan is the award-winning designer of the Shell Jewellery Collection.
Beichen Guan

Beichen Guan is a multi-talented entrepreneurial jewellery designer skilled in several artistic mediums, including installation art and Chinese traditional filigree craft, establishing historical, social and cultural contexts that inform her designs. With a great understanding of professional and industrial contexts of jewellery, Beichen Guan has developed knowledge of Gold, Silver and Gem Jewellery, as well as handmade and machine jewellery. In her previous work, Beichen Guan spent six months in the Chinese jewellery brand-CHJ as an apprentice, learning traditional Chinese filigree craft. In Japan, Beichen Guan learned royal carving craft with Japanese master Taro of the brand Mikimoto, which is the only brand in the world to master this rare Royal and traditional craft. Beichen Guan has also worked with Filigree Craft Studios, CHJ Jewellery, JIUYUEYISHU, Swarovski and J Maskree in London before developing her luxury fine jewellery brand 'Dosisg6c'. Dosisg6c seeks to find balance between Pythagorean notions of beauty and the ideas of balance in Zen Buddhism, creating a new language for contemporary jewellery through Chinese traditional filigree and Japanese engraving royal craftsmanship. Our approach embodies a commitment to transparency, from the source of materials used to the weight of each element. Each dose breaking boundaries and exploring craftsmanship to bring balance to beautiful things.

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