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Fatima Dahmani is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Fatima Dahmani

Fatima DAHMANI Jewellery, formerly known as Moucharabieh, is a captivating jewelry brand embodying a hybrid DNA of tradition and innovation. Founded by self-taught designer Fatima Dahmani, the brand seamlessly blends oriental influences with cutting-edge design. Drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing geometric patterns of Islamic architecture, each piece exudes a hypnotic allure. Collaborating with skilled artisans in France and Belgium, Fatima DAHMANI delivers high-end jewelry that transcends time, marrying timeless elegance with modernity. The 2023 rebrand signifies a commitment to deeper values, advocating for individuality, diversity, and supporting impactful causes. Beyond accessories, these pieces are wearable art, telling stories and evoking emotions. With an eco-conscious approach, 90% recycled gold is used, contributing to both exceptional craftsmanship and environmental preservation. Join the movement, choose jewelry that signifies passion, commitment, and the beauty of oriental architecture for a better world.

Fatima Dahmani