Alexandru Zingaliuc Designer Profile
Alexandru Zingaliuc is an award-winning designer with 5 featured award-winning projects.
Alexandru Zingaliuc

Alexandru Zingaliuc is the founder of ArchiZeit Studio, leading a small team of architects and designers with a similar architectural phylosophy. The team focuses on solving complex architectural design challenges. Warm and welcoming spaces which create their own context, while taking into consideration the built environment are key in defining the work of the studio. Choice of materials and structural engineering solutions are important in setting the tone of the design process, they define the essential functional and compositional characteristics of each project. Overall the collective is highly oriented towards the creative process in each project rather than the generation of a commercial product, always leaving room for artistic interpretation.

Deuz Prefab Cabin
Eth Country Villa
Nero Apartment
Miorita House
Archizeit  Studio