Mei Ee Loh Designer Profile
Mei Ee Loh is the award-winning designer of the Rackson House Building.
Mei Ee Loh

Ar. Loh Mei Ee is a Principal and co-founder of Mei Ee Architect. Mei Ee, commonly known as Mei, born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. She obtained her architectural training from University Teknologi Malaysia and reviewed her Bachelor of Architecture with 1st Class Honour. She was presented the Dean's List award every year during her study and obtained Outstanding Best Student Award for her excellent academic performance in 2007. She has accumulated 13 years of outstanding experience in SA Architects , a BCI Asia Top 10 awarded firm and City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) as a Senior Architect respectively. She involved in Public Building project, Building Plan approval, budgetary planning, landscape architecture, bike lane facilities project and also provision of expert and independent advice to the relevant parties to improve Penang built environment. In recognition of her outstanding performance and contributions in her role, she was conferred the Excellent Service Awards by The City Council of Penang Island in 2012 and 2017. Mei is actively involved in many various project where green, sustainability & community element are mostly implemented in the design and living spaces of the project. She is a cooperate member of Board of Architect and Malaysian Institute of Architects. She currently a Hon Secretariat for Malaysian Institute of Architects Norther Chapter. She possessing many years progressive experience, gaining praise and commendations from peers for contribution in number of project.

Mei Ee Loh
Rackson House Building