Aisha Ameen Designer Profile
Aisha Ameen is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Aisha Ameen

Aisha Ameen the founder of Aisha Ameen Design Studio, an international multidisciplinary architecture and interior design firm, based in Kuwait and the UAE, providing design solutions for residential and commercial spaces. The studio is also home to a high-end product design line of limited edition custom made tables and furniture. As lead designer for the studio, i am highly versed in design matters and confidently navigate all the design and conception to execution. My impact as an individual is by helping generate the resources required to address a social need. through the products and materials i choose in my design. what makes me interesting is my passion for solving design problems led me to start consultation service. which made me reach a wider audience, gain consumers' trust and add my vision and experience to their space.

Aisha Ameen
The Terrarium Place Residential Villa
Sea Senses Residential Beach House