Jeong Yoon Jeong Designer Profile
Jeong Yoon Jeong is the award-winning designer of the Arc Shoulder Bag Handbag.
Jeong Yoon Jeong

She has been working in the design industry for 15 years now. Starting with editorial design, she is now expanding into product ,graphic, fashion design. Her philosophy of design is 'A good design is made by the butt, not by talent.' She always emphasizes the importance of effort. She dreams of a world where various personalities of various people express themselves freely. It is not a standardized design that is the same for everyone, but a design that expresses the attractive personality of each individual. To create a unique design, she is inspired by everything. Especially, she gets a lot of inspiration from animation. The design to make a better world is her design mission. She is contributing to society by trying to achieve this mission. Also, her ultimate dream is to donate all her assets by establishing a design foundation.

Arc Shoulder Bag Handbag