Integrare Engenharia e Arquitetura Designer Profile
Integrare Engenharia e Arquitetura is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Integrare Engenharia e Arquitetura

With extensive experience in the disputed civil construction market on the coast of Santa Catarina, Raphael has already designed more than 350 thousand sqm with his team, generating more than 1.2 billion reais in PSV for partner construction companies. His prominence with developers is so strong that, in many cases, he acts as a strategic consultant in various decision-making processes, playing an important role in the verticalization of Porto Belo and Itapema, cities that are among the fastest growing in the state. His contribution to the region, however, does not stop there. In addition to promoting the market with the generation of multidisciplinary jobs, Raphael is avant-garde by essence, bringing trends from different schools of international architecture and a breath of creativity to a market that historically values more of the same. Finally, he also works by lending the structure of his office to social responsibility actions, such as adopting animals, and promoting sport in the region with the sponsorship of professionals and training centers.

Integrare Engenharia e Arquitetura
River View Residential Building
Hera Phacz Home Residential Building