HOS Designer Profile
HOS is the award-winning designer of the Smart Agriculture Demonstration Park.

HOS was founded in the 1970s, and officially established in 1988. It has been focusing on the design sector for more than 30 years, with honesty, devotion, sharing and challenge as its four values. It insists on frankly expressing real thoughts and putting forward problems and solutions with a positive attitude, adopting simple approaches to resolve challenges, and throwing itself into profession, technology, comprehensive capability and innovation. With design innovation as the core, HOS provides clients with whole-process consulting services through comprehensive technical solutions, so as to create a high-quality living environment in the city. It digs into the practical needs of clients, explores spatial potential, innovatively settles problems, and creates more excellent spaces. It hopes to become a platform that gathers more design talents and an environmental value creator with profound social influence.

Smart Agriculture Demonstration Park