Nelson Chow Designer Profile
Nelson Chow is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nelson Chow

NC Design + Architecture Ltd. (NCDA) is an architectural design studio specializing in residential, commercial and hospitality projects. We cover the full design remit encompassing interiors, bespoke furniture and innovative products, through to graphic design and the development of exclusive brand narratives. We’re interested in developing creative projects that reinvent the experience of space through meaningful connections. We focus on engaging through storytelling, developing new ways for people to interact with their world and each other. For us, storytelling is the art of inspiration. Our projects exist at the intersection of art and architecture and help start creative collaborations, stimulate interesting conversations, and deliver projects with their own visual identity that tell a unique story. At the heart of this is our hands-on research-based approach that brings an expressive consideration of details, integrating every element of the design process to elevate the ordinary in extraordinary new, refreshing ways.

Artifact Bar
Dreamscape Multimedia Installation