Takuya Wakizaki Designer Profile
Takuya Wakizaki is the award-winning designer of the Totetsu Training Institute Wayfinding System.
Takuya Wakizaki

MOTIVE Inc.'s main design field is orientation design = environmental information design. As the morning sun climbs, you can find the east direction. If you smell the tide, you can feel the sea is near. When you see the light ahead of the tunnel, you can find the exit. MOTIVE Inc. believes that humans have the ability to adapt and act in the environment by receiving the "stimulus = information" sent by the environment. How do the various "Stimulus = Information" in the world act on the brain, mind, and body to become the "motive" in which people adapt to their environment and act? What is the difference between information that leads to "motive" and information that does not? Furniture designers repeat human body drawing to make comfortable chairs. As MOTIVE Inc. draws on human ‘thinking’ and ‘motive’, MOTIVE Inc. will work on orientation design = environmental information design.

Totetsu Training Institute Wayfinding System