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Wu Zhifei is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Wu Zhifei

DELFONE is an innovative and composite company relying on the slate home furnishing industry. It is committed to providing global high-end users with new decorative materials and slates with environmentally friendly, healthy, and superior performance. The overall space customization program of finished furniture and innovative design is a domestic rock slab standard customization unit and a high-tech enterprise supported by the state and the province. DELFONE adheres to the core philosophy of the company, with the aim of building a brand with quality, promoting a brand with technology, and spreading a brand by word of mouth. With a wide range of varieties, high grades, stable quality, and reasonable prices, it has won the high trust of customers.

Slab Space Bathroom Cabinet
20mm Full-body Slab Floor Coverings