Jasper Nijssen Designer Profile
Jasper Nijssen is the award-winning designer of the Nel Typeface.
Jasper Nijssen

My purpose is to create a visually stunning world by creating authentic designs for brands, companies, and organizations. An authentic design is a balance between the client’s story and my creative interpretation. Such a design will strengthen the recognisability and increase the customer experience. I’m a passionate graphic designer, goal-orientated photographer, enthusiastic movie lover, social coffee junk, and part-time bass player. “And not necessarily in that order”. Because of my broad interests, I make surprising connections. These connections combined with my creativity results in striking and unique designs. But ... the most important factor and the basis for all my designs is the client’s story. At every stage, I brainstorm with him or her and listen to their wishes, and to their goals. This will give me the overall picture and serves as a reference to choose the right approach.

Jasper Nijssen
Nel Typeface