LILI DCHI Designer Profile
LILI DCHI is the award-winning designer of the Oak Project Handmade Fashion.

Her fashion designs have important implications in the fields of art, intercultural presentation, and sustainable fashion. Her production process centers on eco-friendly materials and handcraft methods and guarantees dignified conditions to her employees and craftspeople. She has created employment opportunities for women throughout Iran and has demonstrated the viability of businesses that prioritize gender justice and sustainability. She is, in fact, a figure whose success, an example of what happens when creative initiatives and values are deftly aligned. She was featured on “SamteNo,” the world’s leading female Persian talk as recognition of her stature as a world leader in sustainability and fashion. This is one of the biggest Persian broadcast networks globally, meaning that Leila has already achieved the highest level of exposure possible in the Persian-speaking world. This is a great sign of her talent and achievements. She has also served as the founder and executive of “LiliDchi”, a fashion design company. This responsibility encompasses business planning, creative development, advertising, and sales, a role that makes her expertise absolutely critical to executing the company’s mission. She is a leader both within “LiliDchi” and in the fashion industry more broadly. Her work has shown the appeal of eco-friendly fashion and the market viability of female-led businesses.

Oak Project Handmade Fashion