Enoc Armengol Bermúdez Designer Profile
Enoc Armengol Bermúdez is the award-winning designer of the Neckphones TRi Multifunctional Hybrid Headphones.
Enoc Armengol Bermúdez

Enoc envisions how to bring to life new Tech Product Categories integrating Circular Economy & Sustainable solutions. Living in the US, ASIA & EU for over 15 years has given Enoc a unique global spectrum on how the world is connected in today's hyper-fast changing society. He has received several national and international Startups and Product Innovation Awards. At age 16 he started collaborating experiencing the most exclusive Hi-end systems for audiophiles in the world. A few years later he co-founded his first company of VR and 3D hyperrealism with only 21. Two years later he moved to New York City to work on product innovation, UX/UI, product management and partnering with big corporates such as: PwC, Sodexo, Harvard University, among others. At 25 he moved to Asia to lead the user experience team at one of the leading 10 Asian Design firms (P49DEESIGN). He co-founded in Singapore the fast-growing DNVB brand of innovative wooden eyewear, Palowood. In only 6 months the sunglasses were featured on TV by Hollywood stars such as Halle Berry, Jake Gyllenhaal, Colin Firth, among other celebrities, exhibited at Silmo the leading tradeshow in Paris, and distributed in 11 countries in the world, selling 6-Figures organically with growth hacking and with no SEM, PR or Ads budget. In his early years as a professional in the industry, Enoc has specialized in product innovation and product management at some of the most highly respected companies in the industry in the US, EU, and Asia.

Neckphones TRi Multifunctional Hybrid Headphones