Ozgun Kilic Afsar Designer Profile
Ozgun Kilic Afsar is the award-winning designer of the OmniFiber Self Sensing Morphing Textiles.
Ozgun Kilic Afsar

Ozgun Kilic Afsar. is a Ph.D. candidate at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and a Research Affiliate at MIT Media Lab. Her current research focuses on integrated soft robotic fibers and textiles that correspond to the dexterity of human biomechanics. Such active textile systems feature multimodal haptic feedback to kinesthetically support skill acquisition and transfer in creative movement practices. This work has recently been featured as a cover story on MIT News. She is currently exploring robotic upper-bodyware’s potential to allow for intergenerational interactions in the context of opera, such as two experts singing a duet across time and space. Her aim is to generate a tangible skills database to safeguard somatic skills in the form of haptic notations through robotic materials.

OmniFiber Self Sensing Morphing Textiles