Albert Potgieter Designer Profile
Albert Potgieter is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Albert Potgieter

Albert Potgieter Designs was started on the dream to make a difference. To use art and design and creativity to uplift people. To get people off the streets or bad situations into the business and teach them, mentor them and give them a skill and most of all to give back. This is what the business or vision or goal is all about. Every piece that is designed or created is aimed to reach this goal. Albert Potgieter was a Physiotherapist, but started the business in Furniture design to give back to those that haven’t been given the opportunities that he has. Albert Potgieter regards what he achieves not as important, but what is important, is the why behind the what. The ‘why’ that drives the business to do better, to reach for more and to keep fighting.

Albert Potgieter
Moja Coffee Table
Optique Bench